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Devon was a true professional!!!From the first second I walked through the door. I never felt worried or even concerned about the process. He even let me use his personal bathroom to shave TWICE. The way he takes pictures is so relaxed that I felt free to experiment, and yet was sure that there were going to be some solid shots... and I was right. Hundreds of beautiful color prints that it took me literally hours to narrow down to the few that I was going to use. He was nothing but the perfect blend of friendly and professional. - Eric

Thanks so much!I really love the pictures and you made it incredibly difficult for me to choose. Working with you was so much fun, too. I've already recommended you to several people! - Jenna

Dear Devon: It's hard to find the right words to describe how truly gifted and talented you are!The only way to describe my photo shoot with Devon is this: an amazing experience. It was great fun and relaxed, yet at the same time, very professional. He is a total genius with makeup and lighting (especially for us voluptuous ladies!), and even though I am far from a size 8, he helped me look and feel absolutely gorgeous, yet still be myself. Friends and family have been completely floored by the pics I've e-mailed, and it has been a real boost to my self-esteem to realize that I can look so terrific! Thank you, thank you, Devon, from the bottom of my heart for helping me look so great and bringing out my inner diva - you are the best!!!!Warmest regards! - Traci

Dear Devon,Your work is going all over the world, I got an email back from France, and I sent them to Egypt and other coutries to be published in Armenian newspapers advertising my CD. Your photos are going to open doors for me.Love,Noune

I Second Devon!NFCS RegularDevon did my photos four years ago and still everyone comments on how gorgeous they are. Everyone I know who has gone to him (and they are legion) has ended up with more wonderful photos than they could use. Instead of ending up with 3-4 photos you like - you'll have closer to a dozen really great shots from which to choose.If you e me privately I'll be happy to show you.LeodivaDevon Cass is wonderfulLori LaitmanNFCS MemberDevon Cass is indeed extremely talented, and I recommend him highly. He does hair and makeup himself, which is nice. My favorite new photo came just in time for a review in Gramophone. (Oct, 2004, p. A17, check it out:))...good luck!Best,Lori Laitman Have worked with Cass and KohlerNFCS MemberI just completed a shoot with Devon Cass, and highly recommend him. He is very reasonable, and does hair and makeup himself (and ooohhhhh, is he good!!). We had a good time, and he took some INCREDIBLE shots! He shoots digital, which means you get to see some of the pictures right off the bat. I get proofs next week, and can't wait! He's creative and fun, and the proof is in the pictures (all puns intended).Signed,A Valkyrie in New York!NFCS MemberResponse to cost I know someone who had her shots done with Kohler recently (within the last 12 months) and she paid about 1000 for the sitting (plus makeup and hair) and then paid through the nose for each 8x10...then had to pay another company to reproduce. I think she ended up paying somewhere around 1650 before getting shots reproduced....Anyhow, it's not cheap. That being said, she ended up with very beautiful shots, and she will be able to use them for a long time. When I went to Devon Cass, I ended up paying about 1000 in the end, which included everything, even reproductions. And I also got many great shots, and will use them for years.Devon Cass is Absolutely Wonderful!!!ISABELLA BAER LARA NFCS MemberI really have no words!I just had a marvelous photo shoot with Devon this week - and I think he is extremely talented and works efficiently in a short time. I've had photo shoots with several other well-known photographers who work for big modeling agencies, in Europe, and Devon is definitely the best! As far as his prices are concerned, they are extremely reasonable - as the going rate for headshots are $1000 and above. I highly recommend Devon - and he is also a very nice person. - ISABELLA BAER I can't tell you ENOUGH how you are... Devon Its 1:15 in the morning and I am looking at my photos and how talented you are and how you have boosted by self-esteem. Honestly, I am close to crying because your talent is a true diamond in the rough!! If only I had met you 10- years ago! I love your energy, your creative eye and your ability to bring out the very best in me. I knew it was there (somewhere). Words can't explain! You are amazing! G'night Kali Getting your money's worth...)NFCS RegularResponse to His rates You will be getting more than your money's worth from Devon. When he did my photos I had at least two dozen great shots I could have used. Five years later - I still love them and get compliments on them all the time. - LeoDiva